Apple Delice – Quality and Technology

Quality is very important to us!

ApfelsaftApple Delice is pressed from Grójecki Apples (“Jabłka Grójeckie”) written into the register of the European Union under the Protected Geographical Indication (EU Commission Implementing Regulation No 981/2011). Our orchards are located in the heart of Poland, the Grójecko-Warecki region of fruit-growing tradition dating from the beginning of the 16th Century. This region is famous for its abundance of sunshine and unique climate that creates ideal conditions for the production of extremely juicy apples and unique taste. Our fruits are valued throughout the world, for we are the largest producer in the Europen Union and third globally after the USA and China.  For the sake of health, environment and quality of our juice we use the rules of food safety management system HACCP.

In the period from August to November Apple Delice is pressed from fresh fruit straight from the tree. In the winter months apples are kept in cold storage under controlled temperature, optimal pressure, appropriate humidity and air circulation. As a result, the fruits are juicy and retain their properties.

For us it is important to every detail! Apple Delice is produced exclusively from selected best fruits. Our juices are always fresh because we press them under specific orders. Order today and take care of your health.

The secret of Apple Delice is a traditional method of stamping supplemented with complete quality control at every stage:

  • Selection of dessert apples – for the extraction of Apple Delice juice we use only the highest quality apples.
  • Mechanical cleaning process – we use pure water and high pressure, along with another selection – at this stage damaged fruits are rejected mechanically.
  • Slicing whole apples with the precious skin on – short breaks between grinding and pressing avoid enzymatic changes.
  • Juicing on efficient modern presses – juice squeezed by this method preserves the nutritional properties of raw apples and obtain naturally cloudy apple juice Apple Delice.
  • Soft low temperature pasteurization – short time pasteurization at a temperature of about 80 degrees centigrade allows for the elimination of bacteria and leaving valuable minerals and vitamins.
  • Confectioning of juice in the system of bag-in-box – with specially prepared bag air is extracted and fresh juice injected. The bag is closed tightly with a tap. This type of packaging guarantees the freshness for several months.

In the interests of our clients and the highest quality product, each batch of juice is subject to full laboratory control for the presence of heavy metals, mold, fungi, pesticides, patulin and sticks coli which gives an additional guarantee and is an integrated part of our quality control process.

Do not wait any longer and today change your juice to Apple Delice!